Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your Challenge

Wouldn't it be fantastic if a better outlook on life could be found just under the soles of our shoes?  If during a stroll, we could read jokes and quips?  If these words were able to lighten a trouble or two?  If the simple act of reading these words could brighten a mood?  They do.
Everyday.  Many times a day.
If only every day you could feel this way even if you are not spending the day on the Comedy Carpet. You can. You really can.  

It takes practice, but you can.

How we choose to deal with a situation determines how we feel about that situation.  Simple,
everyday situations can lead us to feel stressed, worn, worried, scared even.  Why?  Because we allow them.  

Your Challenge

Read the example below, then commit to spend one day...just one day exercising a different outlook.  Put forth the little bit of effort it will take to stop, think, reason, and realize that not everything is as troublesome as it seems.  I believe you will find that your day will be more pleasant and you will smile more.  Are you up for the challenge?  Post a comment about your experiences and how this challenge worked for you.


Running a bit late for work, I thoughtlessly rush my son out the door. I sharply say, "Hurry, get in the car. I'm late!" I notice the sad look on his face as he heads quickly to the car, but I am so consumed with worry about being late that I don't give a second thought to his sadness. I rush to the school and drop him off. I then drive faster than I should to work (but not dangerously) to try to close the gap of time. I walk hurriedly from the parking garage to my office building. I carelessly bump into someone while passing them on the sidewalk but don't bother to slow down to apologize. After all, I am late. I get to work a few minutes after my normal arrival time. I sit at my desk and begin working. It is nearly a half hour before someone walks past my office. They offer a smile and a small wave as they pass, but I just keep working, worrying, and wishing the day was already over.

Now...without allowing worry and frustration to overwhelm me...I experience...

Running a bit late for work, but, oh well, I realize it is not the end of the world. I pick at my son about his tattered backpack and offer to buy him a new one. He grins and says, "I don't want a new one...I like this one. See, I have used different colored Sharpies and have drawn all over it." He shows off his artwork with a prideful look on his face. His eyes sparkle beautifully when he is happy. During the drive to school, his favorite song comes on the radio. I notice a slight smile on his face as his foot taps slightly. He has always loved music. After I drop him off and begin my journey to work and my favorite song comes on the radio. I turn it up and sing along.  I ignore the strange looks, stares, and obvious laughter I am seeing from people in their cars.  Who cares, I am having a great time and I am bothering no one. During my stroll from the parking garage to my office building, I pass several people rushing to get to work. I smile at each one and make eye contact. Some smile back, some do not. For those who don't smile, I hope their day gets better. I get to work a few minutes late. I sit at my desk and begin working. It is nearly a half hour before someone walks past my office. They offer a smile and a small wave as they pass and I smile and wave back, while being thankful I have a job and a wonderful son. Life is good!!

If you do what you have always done, you will have what you have always had. If you want better for your life, then make better choices for your life.

Great place to start…daily attitude and appreciation for those small moments of magic life offers. The sparkle in my son’s eye. The pride on his face about his artistic creations. The people who enjoy their lives enough to be able to smile back at a stranger on the sidewalk. Things I would have missed if I had allowed worry and stress to take control.  Again...LIFE IS GOOD!!

Thanks for reading.

Brooke Ryter

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