About Us

Brooke Ryter

Brooke has always been a story teller. Bedtime stories for her children rarely came from a book. She would begin a story and have the children help in the stories creation. So, instead of reading a bedtime story, a bedtime story was custom made every night. Even simple emails to her friends and family usually end up having a story in it somewhere. She has been writing short stories and articles for years.

When she got the idea for So, Whatcha Think she called her sister Paige to see what she thought of the idea. Paige loved the idea and the book was born.

Brooke currently works full time as a technical document editor. She gets up early every day to get in some writing before she heads off to work. She writes anytime she gets the chance. She carries a spiral notebook with her so wait times for appointments don't go to waste. All of her stories begin in that sprial notebook. The story outline, or skeleton, as she calls it, is completed long hand before she sits down in front of the computer.

Brooke lives in the beautiful foothills of the Sierras with her husband.

Paige D. Ryter

As a child, Paige would pretend all the time.  Her imagination was something to be reckoned with.  She was filled with stories.  For example, as a child one of her chores was to do laundry.  She felt it was terribly boring work, so to make it interesting she turned that chore into a completely different world.  The clothes in the washing machine were alive and the dirt on them was killing them.  She would stand on a step stool so she could see into the washer, and she would talk to the clothes.  She was their doctor and was about to save their lives.  Many stories were born through her imagination...the wonderfully active imagination of a little girl.

As an adult, her imagination is still as active as it was when she was little.  Her children grew up listening to her stories and playing along in a wonderful world filled with magical things only an imagination like hers could create.

She truly hopes you enjoy the stories she and Brooke have created for you.