Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Story To Be Told


Have you ever told someone about an experience that happened in your life and as you were telling your story, your mind wants to add to it.  Wants to add some details, some additional experiences, some lessons to be learned along the way.  Has this ever happened to you?

This has happened to me.  The original story is quite simple and ordinary...but the additions my mind wants to make are fantastic and extreme.

The story, so ordinary and simple, has become a wonderful walk through the life of a young woman who didn't have a support system in her teens or early 20s.  Then she met the man of her dreams who gave her a beautiful little girl.  This 'man of her dreams' turns out to be so much less then that.  He turns out to be a thoughtless, selfish man who, in a single afternoon, destroys her security and self worth.

There she stands, tears tracking down her face, her heart completely shattered, and in her right hand...the tiny hand of her little girl.  It is her job to protect and care for her little girl by herself...and at this moment...she has nothing.

What would you do if you found yourself penniless, homeless, with no one in the world to call for help and a little girl to care for...seriously...what would you do?

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky walks through this story and explains exactly what Karen did to survive and to protect her baby girl.  This story of ingenuity, survival, and the intense love a mother has for her child will touch your heart and make you cry.  At least, that is what it does for me as I write it.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

(Possible first paragraph)

Her plane begins descending through the clouds and will be landing in Boston in a few moments.  The view of the horizon through the aircraft's window is beautiful.  What a wonderful late spring day.  In a few days, her daughter will be graduating from Harvard Law School.  Karen is beaming with pride for her daughter's accomplishments, but her forehead has worry lines.  She worries that Kyra's adult life will contain the same pain and anguish that her's did.  She has done her best to protect Kyra through her childhood until now. Letting go of Kyra, the child, to become Kyra, the woman, will be harder then she ever thought it would be.

(A quote from later in the book)

She sits on the bench and pulls her sweater around her a little tighter to keep out the cool evening breeze.  The moonlight is dancing on the water.  The water looks so beautiful; a wonderful bluish black color with moonlight dancing atop so perfectly.  Her mind takes her back to the first time she saw moonlight reflect off ocean water.

It was the middle of July and she was 17.  She and her parents had just moved to Clearwater, Florida, from Ohio.  Her parents were.... (interested?)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have an anouncement to make...

This blog...So, Whatcha Think? is going to be changed (for a time) to the Where the Ocean Meets the Sky blog.

The book, So Whatcha Think? is currently on hold until some milestones and speed bumps can be overcome.  I hope you are not upset by this.  Please is what it is.

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky was the second manuscript behind So, Whatcha Think? and was to be published after.  But it appears it will be published prior to the release of So, Whatcha Think?.

This blog will begin to cronicle the writing of and up to the publishing of, Where the Ocean Meets the Sky.

I sincerely hope you stick around and continue to read this blog and follow along.

Please understand...So, Whatcha Think? will be published, but not until it is ready.  Your attention and following of this book is not in vein.

Thank you staying on board this crazy train!

Sincerely and THANK YOU for reading...

Brooke Ryter