Story Prompts

This page contains some creative story prompts.
Feel free to use one or all.
Be creative, turn a story prompt into a great story!

Use the comment box to contribute a story prompt or two.

Even the best writers need a prompt now and then.

Your character has been happily married for X amount of time.  Your character lands a great new job and then finds out that an old flame works there.  Not just any old flame, but the one that got away.

Your character has a friend whose baby dies of SIDS, but there is speculation that the baby was smothered.  Years later the truth is revealed.

A friend's husband is in a horrible car accident and is in intensive care.  The friend calls your character and asks them to watch her four children for a few days so she can be with her husband. Your character agrees feeling it is the least she can do.  The friend doesn't call or come back for her children for more than a month.  What happens when she does show up?

Your character buys an old Victorian home even after being told that a cult lived there 20 years earlier and that all members had died in the house during a murder/suicide at the hands of their leader.  During the house warming party that many people were attending, your character begins to notice people that she doesn't know.  She is confused by these strangers presence until she realizes that they are the ghosts of the members of the cult.  While the house warming party is happening, the ghosts are reliving the night of the murder/suicide.  The ghosts don’t seem to notice the party goers and the party goers don’t see the ghosts, but your character is able to talk to and interact with the ghosts  Can your character interact with the ghosts enough to stop what she knows is going to happen?  What happens if she is successful at stopping the massacre?  Is she able to keep those attending her house warming party from thinking she is crazy as she talks to seemingly thin air?This could easily become a funny, scary, sad, and touching story all in one.

You can find more prompts on my website at the Writer's Corner.  Use the prompts to create writerly wonderfulness.  Information on how to participate in flash fiction exercises can be found at the Writer's Corner.

Enjoy and Happy Writing!!


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