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Brooke and Paige

Q: Are there any big things (not bad hair cut choice kind of things) that you wish you could go back and not do or do differently in your lives; what are they and why? How would you have liked those situation to have gone?

A: (Paige) There are several bad things that, at the time they were happening, I wished I did not have to live through. But I would not change anything in my life, even the bad moments, because those things have helped form me into the person I am today. I like the person I am and I love where I am today because of those things I survived.

A: (Brooke) Everyone has events in their past that they regret and wish would have never happened. But as for going back and changing the events, I wouldn't want to. Each experience, good, bad, or indifferent, has been instrumental in making me who I am. I have survived some bad storms; I have laughed and danced in the rain; and I have cried tears of fear, hatred, sadness, and joy. I learned something each time. With each life lesson I learned, I grew as a person. My life experiences have helped to form who I am, so changing any of the events in my life would change who I am. I want to keep learning as I meander down life’s path. If the path is always sunny, bright, and cheery, I would soon become bored and not appreciate the magical moments life offers every day. Without the bad times, we have nothing to gauge just how wonderful the great times are.

(This question was emailed individually to Paige and to Brooke. They independently answered and submitted their answers through reply emails. Interesting that their answers are so similar.)

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