Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have an anouncement to make...

This blog...So, Whatcha Think? is going to be changed (for a time) to the Where the Ocean Meets the Sky blog.

The book, So Whatcha Think? is currently on hold until some milestones and speed bumps can be overcome.  I hope you are not upset by this.  Please is what it is.

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky was the second manuscript behind So, Whatcha Think? and was to be published after.  But it appears it will be published prior to the release of So, Whatcha Think?.

This blog will begin to cronicle the writing of and up to the publishing of, Where the Ocean Meets the Sky.

I sincerely hope you stick around and continue to read this blog and follow along.

Please understand...So, Whatcha Think? will be published, but not until it is ready.  Your attention and following of this book is not in vein.

Thank you staying on board this crazy train!

Sincerely and THANK YOU for reading...

Brooke Ryter

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