Friday, December 28, 2012

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

(Possible first paragraph)

Her plane begins descending through the clouds and will be landing in Boston in a few moments.  The view of the horizon through the aircraft's window is beautiful.  What a wonderful late spring day.  In a few days, her daughter will be graduating from Harvard Law School.  Karen is beaming with pride for her daughter's accomplishments, but her forehead has worry lines.  She worries that Kyra's adult life will contain the same pain and anguish that her's did.  She has done her best to protect Kyra through her childhood until now. Letting go of Kyra, the child, to become Kyra, the woman, will be harder then she ever thought it would be.

(A quote from later in the book)

She sits on the bench and pulls her sweater around her a little tighter to keep out the cool evening breeze.  The moonlight is dancing on the water.  The water looks so beautiful; a wonderful bluish black color with moonlight dancing atop so perfectly.  Her mind takes her back to the first time she saw moonlight reflect off ocean water.

It was the middle of July and she was 17.  She and her parents had just moved to Clearwater, Florida, from Ohio.  Her parents were.... (interested?)


  1. Sounds to me that your on the right track..casting my emotions all over the place. Good job! Keep going

    1. I began this book more than a year ago and shelved it to work on So, Whatcha Think?, but now it is dusted off and being worked on again. This book is emotional and sometimes I cry as I write. I have begun back at the beginning to read and rewrite what I have so far. In all toll, prior to me dusting it was 25% complete. This story is scary easy for me to write. The hard part is the time it takes to get it from my head to the paper.

      Want to be a Beta Reader for this one?