Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Magic

Life gives me endless story prompts.  My spiral notebook has dozens and dozens of story beginnings that I will finish writing.

I have so many story beginnings because I look for the magic moments everyday life offers.  I would like to share one such moment of magic I experienced on Easter morning.

I made two Easter baskets, one for each of my two grandsons ages 1 1/2 and 3.   These baskets contained just toys and eggs filled with fruit snacks.  No grass, cardboard, or candy.  The 3 year old is the first one up.  He comes into the living room, walks up to me, and says, "Did the Easter Rabbit bring me sumptin'?"  I point to his basket.  He begins to remove all the toys and eggs from his basket.  With each new item he removes, he says, "this is awesome!"  Awesome must be his new word for the week.

When my children were young, there was a commercial on TV around Easter depicting children saying, "Thank you Easter Bunny!"  My children would always repeat the phrase when they opened their Easter Baskets.  So, I say to this adorable little boy, "Did you tell the Easter Bunny thank you?"  He replies, "He not here!"  I said, "Just say "Thank you Easter Bunny!" and he will hear you."  He argues, "No, he won't Grandma, he not here!"  So, I say, "Let's got to the front porch and you can say it really loud and he will be able to hear you."  The look on his face clearly spoke of his doubt that I had any grasp on reality.  After all, the Easter Bunny wasn't here.  

We go out to the porch, he looks around, he says, "I don't see him."  Just then, a white bunny bounces out of the shed, stops, and stares at him.  I whisper, "There he is, now say, 'Thank you Easter Bunny'."  He yells, "THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY!"  The bunny is startled and quickly retreats back into the shed.  

He runs to his mom.  "MOMMY...MOMMY...I SAW DA EASTER BUNNY!!"

Now that is a magical moment!

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Watch for those magical moments...they happen every day.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading.

Brooke Ryter

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