Monday, April 9, 2012

Fish On

Shown below is a picture prompt.  The concept is to write a Flash Fiction story of approximately 100 words.  Click here to find links to other stories written for this picture. Friday Fictioneers  Read on to read my story.  

His silhouette is etched in my memory.  Standing on the bank, with his fishing pole in his strong hands,
waiting patiently for a fish to take the bait.  With every catch, he bounced like an excited small boy, "FISH ON! Honey! FISH ON!"

Now I sit in the spot where he used to stand.  Although he denied it, I knew he loved this place as much as he loved me.  It is here that I can feel his presence.  As I watch the colors of sunset dance on the water, I am consumed by anguish.  A lump develops in my throat and tears sting my eyes as I say, softly, "I miss you Honey.  Fish on."

UPDATE - I have been working on 'the rest of the story' and have decided it will be included in So, Whatcha Think!

Thanks for reading.

Brooke Ryter


  1. This is a very bittersweet story. Thank you for posting it.

    The link to mine is:

    1. Your story was fantastic! Keep writing!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I have received a handful of requests to lengthen the story; tell the rest of the story. I teared while writing this very short version. I can only imagine how many boxes of tissues it would take for me to expand on it. You see, my husband is a fisherman and it is his silhouette I see in my mind. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to not have him in my life anymore (as I tear again).

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. =)

    2. I used to serialise romance stories in a local newspaper in Ghana, where I live. And always, my friends accuse me (with tongue in cheek) that the heros bear a strong resemblance, physically and character-wise, to my boyfriend (we are married now). Even though I hated to admit it then, the love I had/have for him was the impetus behind my plots and characterisation.

      By all means, allow your love for your husband to be the basis of your plots and themes. And yes, I will have my boxes of tissues ready by my side as I read on. So, write on.