Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Didn't You Tell Me About Him!?!

Her book had turned out to be a really good read, so before she knew it the plane was beginning its decent into Atlanta. At her departing gate, she found a seat near a corner where she assumed there would be less activity so she could continue to read her paperback during the layover.

A mom and her two children had entered the seating area. Her youngest, a girl, was begging for a
cinnamon roll, while her older child, a boy, was setting his and his sister’s bags down.

“Alright. You can get one of those cinnamon rolls, but you will share it. They are too big for just one person. Here is some money, bring back the change, and hold your sister’s hand.”

“I will Mom. Come on Carly.” The boy takes his little sister’s hand and the two were off to buy a cinnamon roll.

When Brenda first heard her voice, she thought there was something familiar about it. Brenda looked up from her book to watch the mom and her kids. “I know her from somewhere.” Brenda thought. “Oh well, I can’t remember.” and she went back to reading.

“Mom, here’s the change.” The boy said as he dropped the money into his mom’s lap.

“Thanks! You couldn’t hand it to me?”

This time when Brenda heard her voice she was sure she had met her before. The mom was a pretty woman. She looked to be in her mid thirties, blonde, petite. She did look familiar but Brenda couldn’t place her.

“No! Not when I have to hold on to Carly’s hand and the cinnamon roll! Carly, sit down and I will cut this in half.”

“You are becoming such a teenager, you know that?”

“Duh, Mom, I’m 15 now!”

“I want my cinnamon roll!” Carly squeals.

“Just a minute! Mom, does she have to be such a brat!?!

“She’s only 6 years old, be nice to her, she is the only sister you will ever have!”

By this time Brenda was almost certain that the woman she was watching was Amy Bartell. Brenda’s son Richard had dated Amy when they were in college. The relationship didn’t last more then a few months, but she remembered that she really liked Amy.

Just then the mom’s cell phone rang. “Hello? Yes, this is Amy Hertzler, how may I help you? Oh, I remember now! No, I am on my way to California to visit relatives, but I will be back in a couple of weeks. Can I call you and schedule something then? Ok, that would be great. Thank you.”

“Amy Hertzler? Well of course her last name would be different if she married.” Brenda thought.
“Mommy! Ricky cut his half bigger! That’s not fair!” Carly is quite upset at the size of her brother’s half.

“Sweetie, his half is a little bigger because he is bigger. Just eat your cinnamon roll and stop fussing.”

“Ricky!?!” Brenda thought. “His name is RICKY!” Brenda then noticed that Carly was blonde and blue eyed like her mother, but Ricky was dark haired and had brown eyes…just like Richard. “How many years ago was it when Richard and Amy dated? He was in his Junior year and she was in her Sophomore year, so he would have been 20 and she was 19. Richard is 36 now, 36 minus 20 would make it 16 years ago that they dated. Ricky said he is 15. Oh my God!! I bet that boy is my grandson!! How dare she have a baby with my son and not say anything! There is no way Richard knows about him! I can’t believe this! She has kept my grandson away from me!” Brenda’s hands were shaking and she was so angry her face had turned red. She gathered her things and walked...

How would you react? What would you do?

Thanks for reading!

Brooke Ryter

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