Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I started writing the story in my spiral notebook, which is where all my stories begin; handwritten, messy, sloppy handwriting. Before I knew it, I had written about 20 pages. The story is still being written. The story of Karen and Kyra, a mom and a daughter, who at one point in their story spend a day at the same beach my daughter and I spent our day. But what happens before and after that day in Karen’s life…that is a story. Dining in the finest restaurants, owning a house in the best neighborhood, then suddenly she finds herself seeking refuge for the night in an empty boat docked at the marina, penniless, hopeless, with a young child by her side. Then she…..(nope, can't tell you what happens…besides…it isn’t finished yet…who knows where my imagination will lead Karen).

As I continue to write Karen and Kyra's story, it continues to grow. The story and I have reached the point of no return. The words, sentences, paragraphs, scenes keep coming and I keep writing. The story is now to large to fit into a book of short stories, which is what So, Whatcha Think is supposed to be. A book of short stories that take the reader on a journey through the human condition and allows the reader (you) to comment to the authors (Paige and I) with their (your) opinions of the stories and how the stories made them (you) feel.

The story of Karen and Kyra will become a book all its own. I have no title yet, not even a working
title, but the story keeps coming. It is almost as if the story already exists and I am just writing it down.

They sit on the bench and stare out over the water.
“Isn’t it beautiful, Mama?”
“It always is. Tell me Kyra, when you look out over the water, how does it make you feel?”
“It makes me feel the same now as it has since I was a little girl. I feel small. There's so much more to the world then just me and that reminds me to be humble. It makes me feel sure there is still wonder left to discover. I feel lucky to know how it feels to sit here, looking out at the point where the ocean meets the sky, where dreams grow and fears disappear. That is where I place my hopes and dreams because I know that magic lives there. A place that reminds me that anything is possible and there is always good in life, even when sometimes you have to look hard to find it. Mama, you are the one who showed me the wonder of this view, so why do you ask?”

Thanks for reading!

Brooke Ryter

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