Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Pay Phone, Teddy Bear, and Gems

A pay phone, a teddy bear, and some uncut gems...what do they have in common? A young women who finds herself in a bad situation.

Katie is attending Jewelers School. She is weeks away from graduating. Part of her education is
working with real gems.

Erik is Katie's boyfriend. He took out a loan from the wrong guys. They want their money and he doesn't have it.

Erik convinces Katie to steal a handful of gems to pay his debt. She hides them in her beloved teddy bear that rides in her car with her everywhere she goes.

Erik and Katie are having dinner with the unsavory gentlemen. Erik asks her to step outside the resturant so he can discuss exchanging the gems for what he owes.

"Wait for me by the pay phone."

Katie is standing by the pay phone watching them through the window. She sincerely hopes the unsavory gentlemen agree to Erik's offer. The pay phone begins to ring. She ignores it. It rings again. She tries to ignore it. It rings again. Her gut is telling her not to answer, but she does anyway.

"Hello? Hello?"
"If you ever want to see your teddy bear again you must do exactly what I say and follow all directions given. Do you understand?"
"What!?! Who is this?"
"This is not a joke. We have kidnapped your teddy bear from your car and if you want it back in one piece, you will do exactly what you are told. Got it!?!"
"Yes! I got it!" She is paniked. She can see Erik shaking hands with those men signifying a deal. A deal to trade his debt for the contents of that teddy bear.
"Go to the 7/11 on G Street. You will find your next set of instructions taped under the pay phone. Tell no one and come alone or we shred the bear." Click

She runs for her car to find the driver door slightly open and the teddy bear gone. She hears mens voices. Erik rounds the corner of the building with those men following right behind him. They are walking towards her. Erik has a big smile on his face and gives her a thumbs up.

What is she going to do!?!

Thanks for reading!

Brooke Ryter

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