Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

“I know Mom. I understand all that, but I want to do this!” Colton says with distain in his voice.

“Son, you are in your last year of college. You can’t quit now! Being a rodeo star is dangerous and it isn’t a career choice! You need to finish your education!” She was trying hard to convince her son not
to follow the rodeo circuit.

“Mom, this is what I want for my life! I am old enough to make my own choices. I really wish you could understand how important this is to me!” there is hurt in his voice.

“I know you think this is important and a great way of life. But it isn’t.” she pleads.

“Oh Mom, you just don’t get it!” Colton says with frustration as he leaves the room.

Colton and his Mom have been having these heated discussions for days. He is scheduled to leave next week to make the first rodeo of the season. He doesn’t understand how finishing college is going to make his life great. He wants to be a famous bull rider and he is very good at it. He has paid his membership fee and now has his riding permit from Professional Bull Riders, Inc. He needs to earn enough prize money this season participating in the Challenger Tour, Enterprise Tour, and Discovery Tour events to put him in good Challenger Tour standings. Good standings will give him an opportunity to be a part of the Built Ford Tough Series where he can begin making some real money doing what he loves.

Later that night, after everyone was asleep, Colton lay awake. He couldn't sleep. He was running things over in his head. Going over everything his Mom had said. He felt himself begin to doubt his choice to chase his dream and that was making him angry. So, he got up and quietly gathered his things. Maybe leaving now will end his anguish and let his Mom know just how serious he was about his decision. He wrote a note to his mom and left it on the kitchen counter, then he left the house.


I know you are going to be angry and I don’t blame you. I am headed to the first rodeo of the circuit. I wish you could understand how important this is to me. I wish you could be happy for me and be supportive. I just know that someday, when I make it big, you will be proud of me.

I love you,


He walked to the local store and called a cab from the payphone. When the cab pulled up, he tossed in his things, and was ready to start chasing his dream.

Colton may achieve his dream. He may not. But the adventure to find it worth it?

Thanks for reading...

Brooke Ryter


  1. Very cool. Reading this triggers the emotion in me that I will one day have the strength to let my heart help guide me in support not just brains.. Writing that triggers emotion is what makes us alive! Love you cousin-friend

  2. It is the emotions that make us alive, not reading about them. Having the ability to intelligently decide how we want to react to emotion is what makes us human. Re-read your words. You say...'that I will one day'...why wait until 'one day'...why not today?

    You know my today. Don't wait for someday...someday may never come.

    Love ya too!