Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Panic on a Wednesday...Makes for a great day!! And a headache. =)

You can call me an idiot if you would like…because I certainly feel like one at this very moment. I have the files for the book on a flash drive. It contains many files, some contain
chapters, some contain notes, some contain research, some contain various details, some contain graphics, some contain what probably will become useless information, but they all contain components I need for the book. Although most of these files are also sitting on my computer hard drive (I repeat MOST), the latest and greatest versions of these files are on this flash drive. My son mentioned to me about a week ago that I need to back the files up again. I was running short of time, so I copied only the chapters of the book over to the hard drive and left the rest as they were, including the files that only exist on this flash drive.

I have been ridiculously busy for the last week and haven’t written anything on the computer. I have written in my spiral notebook, but not on the computer. This morning I decided to go ahead and back up the rest of the files to the hard drive while I had a moment. OMG!! Where is the flash drive!! It is not in the place I always keep it!! PANIC!!!

Three hours later (and I should remind you that I only had a moment of free time to back up the files) I found the flash drive. I had placed it in a pocket of the laptop case instead of where I normally keep it. So, the lessons I learned? Take the ten extra minutes it takes to back up ALL the files…and…take the 30 extra seconds it takes to put the flash drive back where it belongs.

I can hear you…I can hear you laughing. Its ok, I would laugh too!

Thanks for reading!

Brooke Ryter

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