Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Writing is fun. It is a great way to ‘get away from it all’ while you create your own world. Different types of writing promote different feelings. As you can imagine, writing a science report could very well make one feel exhausted and, dare I say, bored. Writing a love story might make one feel wonderful. Writing a comedy could make one laugh so hard they might just pee on themselves.

And the examples could go on and on.

Sometimes it is fun to write like a child. To put your hands on the keyboard, place your mind in a child’s mind, and just start typing. For me, this brings forth joy and remembrances of when life was
simple and little accomplishments were huge. Best part…spelling, punctuation, and proper grammar need not apply!! =)

Shown below is artwork by Paige D. Ryter (my sister - a great writer and a fabulous artist) and a short story I wrote to go with it.

Hi! My name is Carly! Whats your name?

This morning I played in the meadow with a purple butterfly. We picked white daises for our Mommies. Then we chased a green butterfly around the meadow. The three of us played tag and make believe. I love playing make believe! When Mommy called me for lunch, I wanted to have a picnic instead. Mommy put lunch for me and my butterfly friends in a basket and said I could take the little red blanket for my picnic. I ran back to the meadow and laid the blanket out just right. I took our lunches out of the basket and we had a very nice picnic. The flies felt left out, so they came and had picnic with us too!

The green butterfly told us a story about her Mommy. It was a sad story. Me and purple butterfly made silly faces until green butterfly laughed. See - that is what friends do, we make you smile when you forget how. My Mommy always says - Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. I make up my mind to be happy all the time. I play with my friends and I smile and I run and I play. She also says - Happiness is born by the effort to make someone else happy. Me and purple butterfly are very happy because we make effort and make green butterfly happy. Now everybody happy!

It is a great day to play in the meadow! Wanna come play too?
Thanks for reading!
Brooke Ryter

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