Friday, September 16, 2011

Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice

“You have no right checking up on me!” he screams.

“Stop it! Both of you!” Ashley yells, as she stands up.

“Don’t tell me to stop!” He stands up and moves towards her. “I am not the one sneaking around in someone else’s past. I don’t have to stop! I have every right to be pissed! Your sister is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!” he is screaming at her.

“Knock it off! She is only trying to protect me! Besides, you haven’t answered her question. It is true!?! Now, I want an answer!” she says angrily.

“What!?! Now you too! How dare you!”

Julie steps closer to him and yells, “Well!?! Answer the question!! Is it true!?! She has a right to know
the truth!”

“It is none of your damn business!” he says, with disgust in his voice.

Ashley says, “It is my business if I am going to be your wife and I am waiting for an answer! Answer her question, Kenneth!” He pushes her hard and she lands on the couch.

Julie begins hitting and pushing him, “Get out!! You son of a bitch! No one pushes my sister! Who do you think you are!?! Get out!! Get out now!!" He picks up a half full bottle of wine and smashes Julie across the head. The bottle breaks and she goes down. He is still holding the neck of the broken bottle in his hand. He doesn’t hesitate, he leans down and he forcefully lunges the jagged end of the bottle into her chest. She gasps in pain and at the same moment, Ashley screams. He looks into Ashley’s eyes and she into his. His eyes are cold and dark, while hers are filling with tears. He looks at Julie and the broken bottle sticking out of her chest.

“She made me do this. You know that, you have to know that.” he says with an eerie calm, and then he takes off out the front door.

Ashley moves to her sister’s side, “Julie! Talk to me! Look at me! Hold on! Don’t you leave me!!”

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  1. Amazing!! When does the book come out? I want to know what happens.

  2. Thanks for commenting!!

    I will post the book's release date on this blog and on the Facebook page as soon as I know what it is.

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