Friday, June 29, 2012

My Life Right Now

Sierra, the Wonder Dog!
(When this pic was taken she was only 7 months old...that's right, I said 7 months!

I work full time.  I am training (trying to anyway) a 10 month old Weimaraner (who weighs about 60 pounds) the basics.  You know, sit, stay, down, STOP JUMPING
ON ME!  I am in the final stretches of rewrites, edits, formatting, and crossing of my fingers for the publishing of our book So, Whatcha Think. It is camping season and I just can't seem to say NO any time someone says..."Hey, wanna go camping this weekend?"  Instead I hear my own voice coming out of my own mouth saying, "Heck yeah!"  All the while, my brain is screaming, "You have tons of other things you need to get done!"  (What?  I didn't hear anything!)

One of the things I haven't gotten done for too long, is post to this blog.  So here is sit, at my work computer, after hours, typing a blog post to send out to the abyss.  Why?  Because I miss you guys, that's why?

I love the comments and the shared laughter we have.

I know this post isn't a long one, but it comes from my heart.  I miss you guys!!

I will type more next week...promise!!

I need to finish up a work related item, head to the grocery store to pick up a few things because we are headed out at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning to go camping.  Yeah, I failed to say NO yet again.  =)

Leave me your thoughts and we will chat again next week.

Have a fantabulous weekend!!

Thanks for reading,



  1. I think we never have time to train a puppy, yet as with a child, it's the most important job we have! When my 11-year-old Henry (golden) was 8 weeks old, I bought the book 'Dog Training for Puppies.' Saved my life and helped me help Henry become such a love to live with.
    Good luck!!!

    1. That is so true!! I checked out the pictures you have of Henry on your site. He is precious! Sierra is getting there, but we still have a ways to go. It would be easier if she didn't think she weighed only 10 pounds. Sitting in my lap is not an option in my world, but a determination in hers. =)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!