Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writer's Corner

Through the research I have done for the publishing of my book, I have gathered TONS of information about self publishing and writing tips and tricks I have found useful in the writerly process.

Keeping this information tucked in my reference binder for only my eyes seems a bit selfish.  I don't want to be a selfish clod, so I am posting the information in the Writer's Corner.

I will add
one or two new posts every weekday.  There is an email subscription option at the Writer's Corner.  The email subscription will make it easy for you to receive the new posts in your inbox.

I will also be creating a page that will contain a mixture of picture and word story prompts that will be added to every weekday.  I will post an announcement in the Writer's Corner when that page is up and running.

Take a few moments to visit the Writer's Corner and peruse the information already there and sign up for the email subscription.

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Thanks for reading!

Brooke Ryter

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